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Meet our 2023 fundraiser beneficiary

Jenifer Harris of Cortland

Thank you to everyone who attended the 13th Annual War Against Breast Cancer Raffle-Auction that was held on Sept. 30, 2023, to help breast cancer survivor Jenifer Harris. With your support, we not only helped Jenifer pay her out-of-pocket medical bills but we also were able to help offset the income she lost while attending her treatments.

Read more about Jenifer’s journey below. 

Jenifer, who was diagnosed with Stage I breast cancer in August 2022, is a 48-year-old mother of six children with three teenagers still at home: Mason, 35, Kody, 34, Seth,16, Tyler, 16, Remi, 14, and her guardian angel baby, Joshua.
The 1992 Maplewood High School graduate has undergone two surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation and two hospital stays due to side effects from her treatments. 

Jenifer, who works as a part-time phlebotomist at Warren Medical Group, has exhausted her paid time off and isn’t eligible for paid family medical leave, which means she doesn’t receive a paycheck when she must miss work.

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Jenifer’s medical bills and significantly reduced paycheck already have taken a toll on the family, which moved into its first family home three months before Jenifer’s cancer diagnosis.

The family has cut as many expenses as they can. Despite having three teenagers, they now use a single car for transportation and temporarily disconnected their phone service to pay the electric bill earlier this year. 

Jenifer’s husband Steve, who is a truck driver at The Anderson-DuBose Co. in Lordstown, has picked up as many extra shifts as he can. Jenifer, who continues to struggle with fatigue, neuropathy in her arms and nausea from the hormone blockers she must take for at least the next five years, also has tried to pick up Saturday hours. She hopes to move to full-time if a position becomes available. Until then, the bills keep coming in faster than the paychecks.


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Jenifer worries about how her diagnosis and the family’s financial cutbacks are affecting her youngest children. 

“They are missing out on so much because I got sick,” Jenifer said. “They don’t complain about it ever, but you can tell.” 


Read more about Jenifer’s journey in the Tribune Chronicle: “New Dreams” 

From the article: “The (community) support, outpouring and caring — I’m overwhelmed and so blessed over it all,” Jenifer said.


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How we select our honorees

Each spring, This Means War Against Breast Cancer contacts hospitals, cancer centers and our network of supporters to identify deserving Trumbull County breast cancer survivors who need financial help. We search for candidates who are between the ages of 18 and 45 years old and have been diagnosed with breast cancer within the past year or are in active treatment, but we will consider any survivor who has a demonstrated financial need.
Candidates must complete an application that provides details about their diagnosis, their personal and family background and about why they need financial help. The applicant’s physician also must complete a form that verifies the candidate’s diagnosis and treatment.
A subcommittee of This Means War’s Board of Directors evaluates each application based on established criteria. The committee then interviews the finalists before making a recommendation to the full seven-member board. The board then discusses and votes on the subcommittee’s recommendation.
Please note that donations and sponsorships do not influence the honoree selection process.